A Few Easy Ideas to Consider Before Contributing to a Cause

Providing money to an organization can come off like a much trying thing to accomplish. Especially when many requests come in at once. Near the end of the year so many charities are rushing to accomplish their yearly goals that it can be extremely overwhelming while deciding what charity you wish to give to. The stress usually keeps individuals from donating regularly or causes us to not donate at all. One other huge factor why we put off donating is our busy lives. It’s effortless to delay donating or forget about it when we’re always so busy trying to keep up with the things in your life. But the fact is that donating can be an easy and great experience and it always feels amazing to do. The most important thing though, is that it supports those in need. Below are some donating tips as well as a few good ideas for other ways you can donate to a cause.

For starters, try planning before-hand. Instead of procrastinating to the end of the year while your finances are already being tried, try putting together an automatic giving. The majority of 501c3’s offer ways to donate to them automatically every month from a checking account. You can appoint what amount you want taken out of your account each month, whether it’s five dollars per month or one hundred dollars per month. This will save you a huge amount of time and get rid of any stress you’ve created from making yourself feel guilty for putting off charitable giving. Also, check with your company’s payroll department. Most companies can easily set up a bit of your paycheck that you stipulate, to go directly to the charity of your desire.

Be sure to know the organization you’ll be endorsing. Unfortunately, there are many fake charities around or wonderful charities that don’t use good practice. It’s very smart that you research the cause that you plan on donating to. Search around to see what kind of reputation they have and if they are legit or not. This can simply be completed online or with a couple phone calls. Ask whomever you can get a hold of to send you some info or their latest annual report. Also be sure to find out how much of your money will be going to the cause you decided to support and how much will be set aside to administration and fundraising expenses. In many cases sixty percent or more should go to the charity cause you’re deciding to support, and 40 percent or less should be set aside for administration and fundrasing expenses.

One of the simplest ways to donate to a specific 501c3, is online. To donate before you usually had to find the charity’s address, hope it’s the correct address, fill out a check, maybe write them a letter as to why you’re giving to them, address an envelope and go buy a stamp. Now, just about all charities will accept donations over the internet right from their website or from a service offered by a professional fundraising organization. This can now all be done over the internet in an ideal situation because it saves you a vast amount of effort and enables charities to reach millions of new charitable individuals that want a speedy and easy way to help them out.

If you would like an alternative way to donate than with money, think about giving your unused air miles, your old cell phones, and even putting your favorite cause or charity into your will. There are companies that give a way for each one of these mentioned alternatives to see it through to your chosen charity.

Charitable giving is a very personal decision. A lot of givers donate to a particular cause because it’s something that has impacted them or a loved one. Be sure to take your time when choosing what organization you want to support. Even though you will be helping individuals in need, it’s important that you feel happy with the organization you’re donating to so that you have a unforgettable donating experience. With a unforgettable experience, you’ll continue to help more people by giving in the future.

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